Internships abroad


The training opportunities within the Erasmus+ Programme where Columbus Academy is an active partner are not limited to mobilities for study reasons. The Erasmus+ project of the European Union allows students to participate in the so-called Erasmus Placement Programme. It is an opportunity for students to carry out professional internships abroad and receive an Erasmus scholarship. 

The duration of the paid internship abroad in a host institution is of minimum 3 months and maximum 6 months. 

Columbus Academy is in contact with international partners throughout Europe: translation agencies, cultural institutions, tourism businesses, business companies, and educational institutions. Students can apply for the internship that best suits their professional aspirations. 

The Eramus+ Placement is generally offered to third-year students who have developed the appropriate language skills for a work experience abroad. 

The recruitment for the Erasmus+ Placement programme is based on the student’s curriculum as well as their preparation and professional motivation. Students who join the Erasmus+ Placement programme are those who wish to start meeting the challenges of today’s world of work. 

The International Relations Office organizes two meetings a year to inform students about the Erasmus+ Placement and assist them in the preparation of their Curriculum Vitae, cover letter and application form. 

Students are then invited to apply for the chosen positions and await a response from Columbus Academy’s partners. Once the host institution has sent a confirmation letter, the International Relations Office draws up the Training Agreement setting the rules of the student’s experience abroad. 

Thanks to the ongoing positive feedback from our students and the monitoring activity of the International Relations Office, we are able to choose the foreign partners that best meet the needs of our students. 

Unpaid Internship Abroad

It is also possible to carry out an internship abroad for students who do not fall under the Erasmus+ Placement programme. Students, in fact, can autonomously identify an institution that will welcome them for an internship abroad. By a special agreement between Columbus Academy and the host institution, such experience abroad can still be recognized in the student’s career path as a professional internship.