The Erasmus program is a Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union that allows students to spend a period of study abroad during their university career. 

With the Erasmus Programme you can spend from 3 up to 12 months in another European University for study or work reasons. 

Columbus Academy’s Erasmus and International Relations Office 

Office address: Columbus Academy. 163, Via Cristoforo Colombo, Rome. 


Telephone number: +39 0651 607 492

Students can apply by participating in a call for applications issued by the International Relations Office. 

Those who are awarded an Erasmus scholarship will have an educational-scientific academic experience abroad for the time indicated in the Erasmus Program. They will be exempt from the payment of the tuition fees at the host University. The students, however, will have to pay for the travel costs, food and accommodation, as well as for the use of any services provided by the host universities (e.g., canteens, students’ housing). 

Erasmus students will obtain their certification (diploma, degree) at Columbus Academy only after completing their period of study abroad. They must submit to the Erasmus Office a certificate issued by the host University certifying the duration of their stay and the activities carried out (see the Annex to the Learning Agreement), under penalty of restitution of the monthly payments paid and suspension of the remaining part of the scholarship.

Erasmus+ placement

The ERASMUS+ Placement Program offers students the opportunity to carry out an internship abroad in affiliated institutions. Such students will be awarded an EU scholarship.