Placement office

Our Placement Office: where the university world and the world of work meet

Guidance, training, career opportunities. What happens after graduation?

The Placement Office of Columbus Academy Graduate School and Orizzonte Docenti was established to support our students and offer a fast track to the world of work. We act as a liaison between companies looking for language mediators, and students who have completed their academic career and wish to start reaching their professional goals.

Columbus Academy’s vocational study plans allow you to enter the world of work with a wealth of knowledge and skills that are useful not only in the field of language mediation, but also in the economic, financial, managerial, marketing and tourism sectors.

Entering the world of work

We foster collaborations with companies and public bodies looking for qualified graduates and we provide students with practical training objectives and job opportunities.

We offer our support to companies looking for staff in curricular and extracurricular internships, as well as job opportunities and apprenticeships.

Companies registration form

By registering, it will be possible to get in touch with the Columbus Academy Placement office and thus obtain the required profiles, among young graduates in Linguistic Mediation, Engineering, Letters, Psychology, Law and Economics.

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